Our services
turn-key solutions for private clients
and developers

KPG offers a complete turn-key service and will work with our clients from initial consultation to the planning application and complete bespoke construction.

Full list of our services

  • Architecture - pre planning and planning services
  • Architecture - construction detailing and supply chain management
  • Interior design
  • Basements and complex structures
  • New build
  • Refurbishment, conservation and restoration
  • Finishing and furnishing including furniture procurement

Fixed Price

Where the project is fully designed and detailed in advance of the building work commencing, KPG works on a 'fixed lump sum' contract.

Cost Plus

Where the design is likely to change or develop as the project proceeds, KPG works on a 'cost plus' basis. All work is delivered as economically and competitively as possible and KPG charges our client at actual cost, plus a percentage mark-up that is agreed in advance, to cover our overheads and profit.